Moon Rising


In this Scorpian heighten energy,
In this holy instant,
And through the darkness,
I rebirth myself once again.
I release the dark cape that was drenched in the conditioning of my heritage, in this reality and past.
I free myself from the DNA of suffering.
I step out of the old, uprooting implants of disease, conflicts, addictions, and separation.
Now, I am the deepest expression of my being.
Now, I laugh at the paralyzing fear of rejection,
I embrace myself.
Darkness is not.
I greet the Light.
I welcome the new Guides, Angels, and companions of kindness.
I sense a vision of real contribution to each other and to Planet Earth.
I feel the clarity of alignment, the ease of receiving, and the celebration of awakening.
Awakening in a new dream.
Awakening in the One under the cape of limitation, the mask of personalities, beyond the mind, and deep in the heart.
Now the Scorpio discovers that there was nothing wrong with it.
Its poisonous sting was there for protection and on automatic mode called – survival.
Now the Scorpio knows its innocence and its value.
I am Scorpio Rising.

Sula DePaula

Happy Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio!!

Nov. 2013

Spiritually Stressed?

Have you ever felt spiritually stressed?

Who are you praying to these days?

Do you feel like you have been dialing the wrong number or that the connection fades in and out?

Or have you given up completely?

It is a very good idea at these times of global changes to cultivate sacredness. To make a point to connect with something that inspires you deeply and have it not related to anything electronic. It may be being in nature, it may be deep meditation or perhaps in ancient, spiritual rituals. Inner silence and learning to go within for your answers is vital. I respect all the creative ways that individuals find peace within. I have been on Spiritual quest since childhood and today I am still sensitizing my perception of Divinity.

Lately I am noticing how some people are really struggling with either too much focus on Spirituality or they are in disbelief and desperation.

Here is something to contemplate to further deepen your relationship to Divinity/Spirit/God/Light.

Or you can even change those words and replace it with “the present moment”.

What if those negative patterns from childhood that you have tried so hard to clear is now affecting your level of connection with Divinity?

I am inspired to share my thoughts with you on spiritual stress because I have noticed that those who have more certainty in their relationship to the Divine have less over all stress in their lives.

I have also noticed that obsession with spirituality is actually counter-productive and doesn’t create much peace.

It seems to me that everyone is so genuine in wanting connection and significance. But if we don’t have awareness, we just might project our old behaviors once again-this time projecting it onto Divinity.

It is so heartwarming to see so many of us doing self-healing work and practicing being in the moment. I have been studying relationship dynamics and inner child work for awhile now and I am noticing how unresolved patterns of the past are keeping some people from having a healthy and intimate relationship with Divinity.

Below are some examples of patterns and how they manifest:

  • Addictive tendencies. This might show up as buying spiritual books excessively.
  • Revenge against God. If you think you are special and haven’t gotten what you wanted, you might be pissed off at God.
  • Being demanding with God. Your internal dialogue with divinity is like a spoiled child with endless needs.
  • Patterns of guilt. You are constantly doing spiritual practices and thinking what else can you deprive yourself of to make yourself feel more at ease.
  • Helplessness. You just feel that God never responds so you might as well give up. Not making any attempt to connect just makes it worse and you might end up depressed, but you don’t really know why.
  • Unworthiness. Feeling that no matter what you do, you are still not worthy of Grace and Holiness.
  • Negative religious programming. Thinking that you are “bad” and uncomfortable with words such as Holy, Devotion and Sacred.

These are just a few patterns that I have noticed in myself and in clients.

I have found that if you create more awareness on how you are relating to God/Spirit/Divinity/NOW, you will have more sensitivity to the Grace that is constantly trying to pour in your life.

One way to create awareness on this topic is to process how you related to your parents or care takers you had as a child. The best way I know how to become aware and integrate unconscious, negative patterns is to do breathwork. The breath keep you in present time!

Breathwork can not only help you see misperceptions that are keeping you stressed but also support you in having a physical experience of your inherent connection to Divinity.

And that is priceless!

Once you have certainty of your innocence, anything you choose to do is for your highest good.

Once you have certainty of your holiness, you can receive all the good you desire.

Once you have certainty of your connection to Divinity, everything you do is Spiritual.

Be light, play hard, and laugh often!


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The Breath and the Release from Fear

Do you ever feel fear? Do you ever admit that you are having fear?
Collective fears, self-imposed fears, learned fears, unconscious fears could be effecting everything we do. Not understanding fear could be keeping your joy at bay.

I am not suggesting to add energy to fear by bringing it up to the conscious mind. I am suggesting shining some light on fear thoughts in your subconscious that is currently effecting your daily experience in life. I am encouraging to be friendly with fear and let it dissipate with the exhale. Fear can present itself in our lives in many ways. For example; as physical imbalances, depression, addictions, isolation, to name a few. We all carry unconscious fears to some degree. The good news is the means for removing fear is in yourself.

Perhaps one of the reasons we have chosen to be here on the planet right now is to really know and feel that only Love is Real.
Boy! When we are in fear it sure feels real and tangible. Doesn’t it? I found that sometimes just acknowledging the presence of fear in your mind/body diminishes its influence.
I have used the teachings of ACIM (A Course in Miracles) with conscious breathing for my personal practice and for my clients for six years now. I have learned ways to release fears, the awareness of my resistance to Love, and to feel deep innocence. It does not mean that I don’t feel fear however.
With every breath, with every word, with every cell of my body I learned to notice when fear is up and raise my vibration enough so I can trust love instead.
In Breathwork I learned that suppressed fear is the main cause of all self sabotage behavior. In A Course in Miracles I learned I created fear and if I interpret it correctly I can see the unreality of it. Miracles always happens when I shift my focus.
As a Breathwork teacher/coach I explain to clients. I say for example; In the process of releasing fear what do you think comes up? That’s right! FEAR
So what is the first thing needed to release fear? What is the opposite of fear? Safety! AND trusting that you are always safe and supported!
It could take a while to establish safety in the mind and integrated in the body. That is why I recorded the CD A Breath of Consciousness as a tool. It is the combination of breath and quotes from ACIM

It is such a powerful combination because the words engages the mind and the breath supports in integrating the higher thoughts in the body so you can actually re store your belief in ease, peace, innocence.
Now, if you don’t believe that life is supporting you right now how would you ever feel safe?
Ask yourself… On scale from 0 to 10 where are you now in believing in support in general?
Another exercise you can do is to write on a piece of paper “Support is…” and fill in the blank. Do it for about 10 times. Notice the negatives and you will know your percentage. To strengthen your belief in “support” it is essential to work in person with a breath coach and groups because you will need the interaction. And why do it alone? That is a very popular belief by the way, the thought “I have to do it alone”. All these years of working with clients and my research was that the number one fear is “being alone”. Deep in the mind also runs a belief in “doing it alone”. It ends up being an internal war and the result is often feeling not supported and alone.

In the A Course in Miracles says “Fear is a symptom to your own deep sense of loss”.
In breathwork sessions we embark on a journey of releasing the charge around thoughts, of feeling our humanness and divinity, of claiming our inner power by adding energy to what we want to strengthen and experience. It is always a rewarding journey!

You might not be so attracted to the ACIM but I am sure you will enjoy more safety in your mind.
Benefits of increasing your belief in support and safety are relaxed muscles, less tension and stress, better digestion, less rushing around, optimism, less mood swings, more trust in others, miracles AND more smiles 🙂

Why not try it!

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Thai Bodywork. Hour and half session.
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Paramahansa Yogananda said “Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyzes all efforts to succeed and attracts the very thing you fear”.

In love,

Intimacy from a breathworker's perspective

Greetings and welcome to my blog!
My name is Sula dePaula.

I have been an Intuitive Breath Coach and Teacher for a while now and just now felt inspired to start a blog.
The topic at the moment is intimacy because I am getting ready to teach a 2 ½ day seminar where I will be covering hot topics like intimacy, commitment and other great stuff that I will write about in the future.
I just moved to Los Angeles five weeks ago from Delray Beach, South Florida. Florida was my first home since I moved from my birth land- Brazil.
Even though I am still in adaptation mode I am so excited to be teaching this weekend.
I invite you to take a breath of consciousness into your intimacy behaviors and tendencies.

As I read my script and prepare to teach the Advanced Breathwork class I feel so motivated to share with you these thoughts.
Perhaps it will give you some insights on your tendencies to separate and withdraw from your loved ones. Perhaps it will just spark your interest in using your breath to create personal shifts and deeper connections.
Just to be clear I am not talking about sex. One can have sexual encounters and experience zero soul intimacy. I am referring to true intimacy where you feel connected, vulnerable, transparent AND safe. It is very much possible to have these levels of intimacy with romantic partners, friends, family and God.

So what is your intimacy tolerance? Is it working for you?
When is it that you begin to withdraw, shut down and separate?
Are you craving for more intimacy in your life?
Are you longing for more intimacy with self and the God of your heart?
Dos anger or frustration come up for you to just hear the word “intimacy”?
Are you running from it like a vampire runs away from a cross? 🙂

What if intimacy patterns and behaviors started in the womb?
Have you ever consider that your time in your mother’s womb may have establish your blue print on intimacy?
The dictionary defines Intimacy as followed;
:: Genuine intimacy in human relationships requires dialogue, transparency, vulnerability and reciprocity. As a verb “intimate” means “to state or make known”. The activity of intimating (making known) underpins the meanings of “intimate” when used as a noun and adjective.

When you were developing in the dark warm womb did your mother talk to you? Did she make the pregnancy known and acknowledged you as important?
Was there reciprocity in lovingly sensing each other? Were you feeling safe or did you have to take on toxic chemicals, toxic emotions, and/or fear for your life in the womb?
If your parents did not want you or even tried to abort you Do you think that effected your ability to trust?
When you came out and finally felt the air and took your first breath did you bond with the loving eyes of your parents or were you taken away to bond with warm lights in the nursery?
How do you think that all affected your ability to trust intimacy?

What if codependency started in the womb??

If the baby felt responsible for the mother’s well being maybe he/she took on the patterns of codependency…maybe just maybe.

Take a light approach and just inquire within in silence and in truth.
Does it resonate with you. Did you feel totally uncomfortable while reading this blog?
The mind might trick you but your body always knows…

Stay tune for the next topic coming soon.

It is not the purpose of breathwork to re-live or re-enact the womb/birth experience but to unravel any “blueprint” or “program” in the subconscious that is causing pain or resulting in separation and dis-ease. Breathwork creates safety in the mind, releases stagnate energy patterns in the body, resulting in more freedom and joy in your heart.

I will start seeing clients for private sessions in Santa Monica starting February 22nd. Free lectures and group class starting March 1st at the Gateway Portal.
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Thank you!
I love you!