What I pray for! A Poem

What I pray for! A Poem

What I pray for…
For the greater Vision…
the release from judgment.
For complete memory of God…
the release from separation.
I pray for readiness.
For the embodiment of humbleness…
the release of the Ego.
For listening to Mother’s Song…
the release from uncosnciousness.
For – Giving…
the release from wanting.
For Miracles…
the release from projection.
For the awakening of the Serpent…
the release from madness.
I pray for Truth.
Sula dePaula



I think it is wonderful that you can go on this trip and use what you have lenread to help those that need you. It shows that you have big hearts and I wish you all a successful journey.

Imad Bey

While i meditate your soul light has visiting me.
As the waves visit the beach to teach it the reality of the ocean.
As the clothes visit the desert to teach it the symphony of the rain .
I’m waiting …parched…,as desert sand.
My heart is spaces have seeds, your rainfall make them germinate.
On far evenin’. How much do i know you?!!!!.my ancient memory has an ecstasy shining by your presence.
The breeze was your perfume&your whisper.
Also the light was my vein & the beating .
My guest .my visitor remindeds me of many lives befor with a Splendid Unconditional lovely Angel.
i didn’t know that the universe is you; your soul is my tranquility.
you are the cup of light that my existence drunk by …to the light.the light of your presence,pours rivers in my soul .so it makes my veins bloom with Jasmine yearning light.

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