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Clear Your Energy Field

I have a question for you... Do you ever take time to clear your energy field? When you feel tired, worried or anxious for any reason. Remember that you are an energetic being and that you can't clear the mind without clearing the energy around you which includes your mental and emotional bodies. In the book, The 5 Five Habits For The Healthy Empath, I talk about the Central Nervous System and using energetic tools to keep your energy field clear from energies that prevents you from feeling happy and productive. I bring awareness to the 5 Elements. Air, Wind, Fire, Earth and Ether. The elements, used with intent, has the potential to clear and cleanse your energy field very fast. For example; Water. At the end of a work day where you may feel stressed, try taking a conscious shower. Feel the water hitting your skin and visualize it clearing you on all levels. See in your mind's eye the stress of the day going down the drain in a spiral. I give 15 tools in my book to Clear, Ground and Align you and your body with the highest frequencies possible. Here is what people are saying:

I am grateful to have had the privilege of reading this incredible healing book by Jewel. She’s a powerful woman and healer and her book is a beautiful testament to her own healing journey as well as an incredible teaching for others who share her path in becoming a healthy empath, free from overwhelm and to those who want to go even one step further and learn how to align with their own source of healing. Thank you Jewel for gifting us with such a powerful and helpful guidebook. Alison Levitt, M.D Download your copy here This book speaks to the sensitive aspect in you. You don't have to be a sensitive person to benefit from the tools

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