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Costa Rica Dreaming...

From a very young age I have dreamt of helping the Earth. I remember as a child having the sense that the Earth was listening to me. When I found Rebirthing Breathwork I thought to myself "That is it! I will help raise the Planet's vibration by helping people let go of negatives thoughts! One negative thought at a time!".

Looking back it's amusing to me to see how serious I was about my plan. It was a great idea but I didn’t really help folks to have a connection to the Earth. I have been a contribution to many with the work I do but what else is possible with the Earth and us?

Last September I facilitated an Access Body Process class called Restoration of Communion with Earth. When I teach a class I am in the energy of it much more dynamically. Since then my communion with the Earth has expanded so much that I don’t even know how to explain it, I will do my best in this writing. Soon after the Body Class I was guided to go to Peru with an amazing group of people. The journey to Machu Picchu was unforgettable and life changing because for the first time I was vulnerable with the Earth’s power. I was able to receive everything the magnificence of Machu Picchu had to offer me. What do I mean by that? It means that I was 100% vulnerable, present, open and in reverence of the Spirit of the land.

Couple weeks ago I attended an Advanced Body class in Costa Rica, wow! If you ever been there you would agree that the land is actually happy! I stayed at a Hot Springs Resort at the foot hills of Arenal Volcano. I literally felt like I was Alice in Wonderland! Costa Rica is like a younger sassy version of Hawaii. I was in awe every single day! Impossible not to notice each flower as I walked back to our casita from the the class. The flowers would actually pull me in to them so I could enjoy them. When I sat under a tree near the water I could sense the molecules of the tree! I leaned into the tree and felt the molecules wanting to enter my skin and be a contribution to my body. The sounds of the running water was delicious waves gently caressing my entire face. Just for the record I was only drinking water! LOL During the entire time in Costa Rica I felt this new way of communicating and receiving from Nature. I have never felt this level of joy in my body, ever! Luckily the joy has not diminished now that I am back home. All I have to do is be out in nature, specially at the beach, I lower my barriers and this communion is available.

I am grateful for this new awareness. Everything is alive and wants to contribute to us! Its is a mutual giving and receiving simultaneously. I will continue to wonder what else is possible for us and the Earth that we never thought possible? The Earth wants to heal us as much as It wants to receive from us!

I do facilitate this Access Body hands on process in private sessions and I do see a Restoration of Communion with Earth class happening soon.

Sula DePaula,

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