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Finally, It's Here!

For seven months I have been dedicating my time, love, and creativity to writing a GuideBook for the Sensitive Soul. I really wanted it to be launched on 2.22 but it didn't flow. Everything got delayed even though the team did the best they could. The gift was I took time to look at my resistance to being seen and received. This book is not just a Guidebook for the Sensitive Soul but it is my life's journey. I wrote about my struggles as a sensitive soul, my debilitating illness in 2019, my nerve pain that followed and also my healing with my ancestors after my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I wrote about my devotion to Divine Mother, our Cosmic Mother, and how she guides me in each step I take. I wrote about my isolation pattern and all the tools I use to stay true to my intuition no matter what. I'm about to be really exposed. :-) Am I ready? The answer is Hell Yes! This book is a compilation of everything I hold dear to my heart. I feel it is valuable, specially for those ready to be grounded in their own power. My passion and commitment is to help those who are struggling with overwhelm, isolation and lovelessness. At a subtle level these energies can show up as dissatisfaction, irritation, and even sarcasm! Here are couple of reviews...

"Jewel lovingly and compassionately invites the reader to adopt 5 Healthy Habits to support and strengthen self care. It is a spiritual journey of love for self and others." Sherrill Valdes LCSW, BCD

"Thanks Jewel for writing a support book for Empaths. In my 40 years as a Holistic Doctor of Chiropractic I have seen many sick empaths who were misunderstood and misdirected about their talents and sensitivities. This guide book will give them hope and direction so they can strengthen their abilities and their own health." Dr Lynn Migdal Download your copy here! Remember, this book speaks to the sensitive aspect in you. You don't have to be a sensitive person to benefit from it.

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