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Force Vs Williness

This year I’ve spent a lot of time listening to different types of guided meditations particularly meditations for physical healing. I’ve been using sound frequencies to heal and integrate my neurological system. The interesting thing is that the more I listen to sound healing whether it is binaural beats or guided journeys the more I am aware of my energy field. I have been wondering if I can I expand my aura with my will.My awareness on this topic says no, but I can expand my energy field with my heart frequencies and my imagination. What is the difference between using will versus imagination?Well, for me when I am using my will there is force. Imagination is seeing, wondering and allowing. Its way more fun not to use force but wonder your way into expansion! That alone is a great lesson in so many aspects.

About Aura by Nancy Haussauer

Auras, or human energy fields, are the non-physical shell or layer that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. They have long been depicted in pictures of saints and holy people as halos.

The human field is, at least on some level, composed of electro-magnetic energy. Another way to think of it is as our life force. This force flows both through us and around us, forming our energy field. It nourishes us and supports life in all our physical and energetic systems. Each person’s energy flows, changes, and is completely unique.

Energy Healing can balance and heal your Aura.  Here are some of my ways that you can use to clear your Field on your own: Chakra Clearing Meditation 

Conscious Bathing

Earthing ( walking bare foot on Earth or spending time in nature )

Conscious movement such as yoga and Ecstatic Dance

Breathwork And here are some things that will diminish or disrupt your Bio-Energy Field :

Lower frequency feelings and emotions

Over thinking, mental disorders


Too much time spent in front of television, computers, or video games

Unhealthy diet


Excessive Drugs and alcohol

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