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How about some body orgasmic energy?

One of the many highlights of my life as a breath coach was a hot water breathwork session I facilitated back in South Florida. It was a male client. He had just finished a couple of cycles of circular breathing underwater with his snorkel. I set him up lying on a big towel so he could rest and integrate his journey. He started to make funny faces and twisting his body to the right and to the left. Then he covered his face with both hands and started to make sounds. I started asking him questions but he could not talk. I got intuitively that he was okay and to let him do what he needed to do. When he relaxed, he began to do deep belly breathing and to smile. Finally he was able to talk. He shared that he had so much orgasmic energy in his body that he was embarrassed to look at me, that was the reason for covering his face. The bliss was unstoppable and he just rode the best ecstatic ride of his life. How does it get even better than that?


Release resistance to true intimacy

Release stored anger

Heal physical abuse trauma

Heal trust issues

Heighten intuition

Increased awareness of Divine energy within

Increased sense of connection to the God of your heart

Body Orgasmic Energy.

At the very least...Release physical, emotional and mental stress.

Tools used: a nose plug, snorkel and the guidance of a qualified facilitator.

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