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How to Shift Emotional States Using Energy

A Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Work Through Difficult Feelings

Are emotions running your life?

The truth is most people are using ineffective ways of managing the daily stress of life and living. Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you couldn’t even identify your feelings? How did you make yourself feel better? Perhaps you called a friend to talk about it or played your favorite song and tried to distract your mind? Perhaps out of despair you reached out for something that you regret it later? Unfortunately the most known or popular choices are temporary band aids and the overwhelm, sadness, anger, or anxiety comes back even stronger next time around.

The information below may just change dramatically how you relate to your emotions.

Emotions have more neural power. Research shows there are more neural pathways connecting the emotional brain to the thinking brain than the thinking brain to the emotional brain. What does that mean? That means that it is very difficult to calm your emotions with thoughts. It means that while you are telling yourself “relax and let it go” your emotional brain is putting your body in survival mode and sending messages of fear, worry and pressure. It is no surprise anxiety is rampant amongst us.

Emotions are energy in motion. Emotional energy in itself is neutral. It is the thinking brain that gives it a label and meaning. We may call it anger, joy, sadness or fear. We attach a thought to the emotion, we call it a feeling, and then we either contract or expand. Knowing and acknowledging emotions as energy gives us the platform for successfully managing uncomfortable emotions without making them solid therefore preventing dis-eases in our bodies. When we truly know emotions are fluid we can feel and release it instead of suppressing it, judging it and ignoring it.

Use energy to move energy. The breath is a key component to move emotions or energy thru your body. Conscious Breathing will immediately connect your mind with your body allowing for identification and release of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Next time you are feeling the rush of feelings and emotions I encourage you to take some time to connect with your body. First ask “what exactly am I feeling?”, second notice where it is in the body, finally breathe consciously and allow the energy to build and move like a wave through the body and down to the Earth.

While there are dozens of amazing Breathing Techniques I believe Circular Connected Breathing is the most effective in purifying your emotional body. This Breathing technique will establish a body-mind connection, increase awareness of feelings, and give the body a space to ride the waves of sensations as it releases from the body.

Some Benefits of Circular Breathing facilitated by a qualified practitioner are:

Regain Homeostasis (calmness)

Release emotional. physical, and mental stress.

Increase Self Esteem

Clarity of mind

I like to think, hope and pray that one day this type of emotional intelligence will be prominent in our society. The more we practice mindfulness with our emotion the more present we will become for the energies of peace, love and ease. I envision a future where we can peacefully move through our personal and collective emotions and actually become available and awake for more joy and happiness.

I invite you to experience the power of Circular Breathing and how it can benefit every area of your life. Contact me to register for my next public class or to make an appointment.

Sula de Paula

Sula has been teaching Circular Breathing for over 14 years.

Sula DePaula is a seasoned Breath-work and Energy-work Practitioner/Trainer. She has over twenty years of experience in the Holistic Healing Arts. Sula created and instituted a Holistic Program at Mandala Healing Center and produced a Breath-work CD called A Breath of Consciousness. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor, Breath-work Coach, Access Consciousness™ Body and Access Bars® Facilitator.

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