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Infinite Being You (A gift for you!)

What if we could take five minutes a day to connect to the Earth and the Sky and remind ourselves of the infinite possibilities available for us?

What if we could expand our minds within those five minutes and be able to see those possibilities and actually choose the one thing that would give us the most freedom and joy?

Can you take five minutes to connect, expand, perceive, and to receive!!

How does it get even better than that?

I recorded a five minute audio guided meditation. Visit my store and download it now to your phone or iPod. Preferably use headphones for best experience.

Listen on youtube here...

Here is an example of what people are saying...

"Thank you Sula once again for producing another great tool for healing. I am thankful that we are always there to assist each other on our healing paths! This meditation has helped me to focus my loving energy outward around the globe!"

Dr. Lynn Migdal

Family Chiropractor, ChiroChi Master

Rebirther, Reiki Master

Thank you! I love you!


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