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Learn 3 Questions that will help heal your body/mind and create what you have been asking for!!!!

I had a vision to move to LA and do many things but my body was asking for something different. I felt alone, unmotivated and in physical pain.

The body has its own wisdom, and when I don’t listen, the message gets louder and the symptoms become more intense. Have you ever had this experience?

Healers, have you ever felt your body in overwhelm? We are all healers at some level. The body is constantly sending us messages, not just when we sit to meditate or breathe. The sensations are messages! Most often “pain” happens from not acknowledging the communication and making it solid by our judgments and conclusion. We are psychic beings! We share one mind here in this reality.

There are no private thoughts as The Course in Miracles teaches. Have you ever considered that your thoughts are not your thoughts? Or that your pain is not your pain? Please, this is not about victim consciousness. It’s about staying clear and not perpetrating dis-ease. Feel pain? Ask the question “Who does this belong to?”  Don’t look for an answer. We get an energy as the answer. Does it feel light or heavy? If it’s light it does not belong to you. If you sense something in the body just ask curiously “who does this belong to?’ Thank your body for the awareness and watch it disappear. It can be a thought of wanting ice cream or wine. It can be a sharp pain in your knee or a headache. We can help others without hurting our bodies.

What if we could be a greater contribution to our clients, friends and to the world by acknowledging all the messages from our bodies? How many of us have tried to heal our parents? How many have succeeded? Not many. We mostly keep replicating, resisting or reacting to other people's’ ways.  What if we could truly facilitate the space for others to heal by being more aware?  How about being kind to our bodies and asking “who does this belong to?” every time we feel or sense heaviness or confusion. Our clarity is a kindness to others!

Ladies and gentleman, how many of us are still looking for the “one?”  Are you asking the right questions?  I’d been working on relationships since I was twelve years old when my mother confided in me that my dad had a 5 year old daughter with his mistress. I decided then that I had to make it on my own. I left my country, Brazil, at 15 years old. I was determined never to repeat my parents dynamic. After many forgiveness processes and one divorce I started breath work and got real deep in my relationship patterns. I taught seminars called LRT, The Loving Relationship Training. Slowing my way of relating to man got easier and I enjoyed conscious loving partnerships. Still when I moved to LA at 38 I was single and searching for the “one”. It wasn’t until I practiced Access Consciousness that I received the man that I was asking for. I was sharing a two bedroom apartment with a male friend in Santa Monica. I remember walking to work everyday and asking continuously “What would it take for me to have my own man and my own house?” and “what else is possible here?” It took eight weeks and magic happened!Access Bars™ may be the missing link in creating what you’ve been asking for!!

For three years I was focused on attracting my mate. I went about using the tools that I had in my tool box and no boyfriend appeared. I breathed, I prayed, I meditated, I chanted mantras, I cried and I waited. I did know one thing; my problem was not lack of clarity. I was short on my receiving abilities. I asked and I asked again but I did not receive. When I heard Access Consciousness increases your abilities to receive I signed up for the first class available in LA, it happened to be at the Gateway!

I learned Access Bars™, got my bars run often and asked Access questions daily. Magically within three months I had met my man and was living in a building in Santa Monica overlooking the ocean. Stunning ocean view!

In any situation we can ask these questions and a world of possibilities will open creating choices that you’ve never noticed. The purpose of questions is to facilitate the awareness of choices on how to generate what you want. Concluding with an answer is a limitation.

Examples; when you are at your job ask “what else is possible here?’ and a new project or a promotion may become an option. For a new car...”what would it take for me to have a new car with total ease?” Or“what would it take for more money to show up in my life?” Everyone loves that question!

Play with it! What else is possible in your life that you’ve never considered? How much fun are you willing to have?

For anything related to body and mind ask “who does this belong to?”

For creating something new ask “what would it take for ___to show up?”

For expansion and possibilities ask “what else is possible here?”

You might find yourself magically surprised!

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