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Moon Rising

In this Scorpion heighten energy, In this holy instant, And through the darkness, I rebirth myself once again. I release the dark cape that was drenched in the conditioning of my heritage, in this reality and past. I free myself from the DNA of suffering. I step out of the old, uprooting implants of disease, conflicts, addictions, and separation. Now, I am the deepest expression of my being. Now, I laugh at the paralyzing fear of rejection, I embrace myself. Darkness is not. I greet the Light. I welcome the new Guides, Angels, and companions of kindness. I sense a vision of real contribution to each other and to Planet Earth. I feel the clarity of alignment, the ease of receiving, and the celebration of awakening. Awakening in a new dream. Awakening in the Oneness out from under the cape of limitation, the mask of personalities, beyond the mind, and deep in the heart. Now the Scorpio discovers that there was nothing wrong with itself. Its poisonous sting was there for protection and on automatic mode called - survival. Now the Scorpio knows its innocence and its value. I am Scorpio Rising.

Sula DePaula

Happy Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Scorpio!!

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