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Heart Diary

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Dear heart, it is time to open and stay open. Resentments keeps the heart closed. Compassion opens it.  Compassion not only clears resentments from past experiences but it opens the heart to BE the energy of Love that already is. But how de we get more compassion and love from within? One of the gifts of being an energy and breath-worker is that I can perceive different energies with total detachment and non judgment.

Resentment is a very deep mixture of anger and sorrow hidden in small places of the heart area that blocks a person from feeling gratitude and appreciation for the present. It is more difficult to clear than anger because it is somewhat hidden and covered by other feelings. Resentment makes it impossible for someone to be in present time when facing a situation that triggers it and produces only projections, rejections and separations.  From my persona experience and working with clients for someone to release this deep hidden energy one must be willing to 1. let go of righteousness and the polarity of right and wrong   2. allow others to be right 3. stop trying to prove your point of view 4. clear fears of being taken advantages of  3. feel safe in vulnerability 

Tools to release resentment : 1. Breathe to release the emotional charge 2. Get your Bars run to release attachment of being right and wanting to control the outcome 3. Ask questions and personal inventory  4. Pray and meditate  5. Cacao Ceremonies are great tools too!

There is a beautiful energy that you can call upon to support you in releasing old pain and opening the heart. Her name in Kuan Yin or the Mother of Compassion . If you are not attracted to working with images you can just use the word. For example "Can I have more compassion please?" 

Here is short prayer and mantra I want to share with you...

Beloved Kwan Yin, I invoke Thy sovereign Light, The Divine Jewel of the Sacred Lotus, Dwell in my Heart, Divine Goddess of Love.

Shine Thy Divine light on my way, Illumine my steps, oh Beloved Mother of Mercy.

Mother, Holy Messenger of Divine Compassion, Awaken Your Divine Light in my heart, Transform my world with your Divine Blessings. OM MANI PADME HUM

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