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Restoration of Communion with Earth

Access Consciousness™ Body Process Play-shop

What if the Earth is asking you for your contribution? We could think that recycling or praying is a contribution. What if the there is a different way? What if the pains you have in your body has to do with the Earth?

Learn a hands-on energy work at Morikami Museum on September 20th 9am-1pm.

This process unifies the aspects of ourselves that are fragmented and searching for a "home". Are you always looking to "ground "yourself? Do you feel disconnected and a sense of separation? Restoration of Communion with Earth is a body process that will facilitate you in having clear communication with the Earth creating ease, peace, trust, a sense of belonging and peace of embodiment.

As we know the Earth is alive and our bodies have the same elements as it does, would it be fun to be and receive the contribution available?

Bring pillow, blankets, water and all you need to be comfortable outdoors and under a tree. :-)

Sula dePaula is an Access Bars® facilitator and Access Body Process Facilitator. Sula has been a massage therapist for 21 years and a Breath work teacher for 10 years. Her knowledge, experience, and personal evolution creates a safe place to BE and expand into a bit more space for peace.

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