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San Pedro Whispers

Unexpectedly I felt his touch. It was as gentle as Hummingbird kisses I sensed the pull to unknown ceremonies down in the Canyon Tired of my pain and committed to my freedom I showed up I showed up again and again Embraced by love and grace Slowly unraveling my story Purging projections and expectations But It was in his land… A land of high mountains, gentle people, and fluffy llamas In his land the deepest blind spot came to light Head pounding, body shivering In every shiver eons of emotional tension released Light of consciousness dissolved dis- ease of mind and body The Earth swallowed my anxieties The awareness of my personal trap was clear I laid down my armor and my shield I said goodbye to the one who has been fighting everything Yes is the mantra, all heart opens Separation was my mind’s perception and rejection was my defense I now include myself in oneness with trust and vulnerability I surrender my forceful will and bow in gratitude eternal friend, whereever you are I am blowing hummingbird kisses back to you.

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