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Star Children

I taught Breathwork to a group in their first five days of detox in a substance abuse treatment center.

They were in a lot of pain.

Two young adults in particular were totally engaged with the teachings and breathing exercises. They had clear eyes and a vibe about them emanating “I don't even know how I got here?” 

During the meditation they went to beautiful places and shared how they remembered the joy they actually are.

It made me wonder how many Star Children are lost in the world of opioids and street drugs just because they had no mentors and no exposure to things that would actually engage their attention and dedication.

How many Star Children ( Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal Children ) are being suppressed with prescription drugs, too much food, too much sugar or even lost in video games?

What would it take for society to acknowledge all children who are different and give them a space to blossom? 

What are Star Children?

"Some call this new generation of children indigo, crystal, rainbow, or star children. Regardless of labels, one thing is clear—these children have come to this planet embodying the energy of grace, purity, truth, and wisdom unlike any generation before them. The star children know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all life on the Earth is sacred and should be honored. They have come with a specific mission in their hearts—one of rebuilding the Earth with compassion, honesty and unity."

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