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Why I love "Running Bars"

I love "running Bars" for so many reasons…

Because it dissipates the electrical change of polarity.

Because it eliminates pain and suffering.

Because in one session has the potential of deleting thousands of beliefs, emotions, attitudes.

Because it opens the door to more choices.

Because it creates more space in the mind creating clarity

Because it facilitates receiving at all levels

Because it slows down brain activity making peace, kindness, and gratitude the norm. As opposed to conflict, judgment and struggle.

Because as I facilitate a sessions for someone I also receive a session at the same time!

The receiver gets happier, I get happier and the Planet gets lighter. :-)

Is now the time for something different?

Access Bars® are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different  aspects of your life.

This is where  the  electromagnetic component of all the  thoughts, feelings and  beliefs that  you have ever had about anything are stored. Touch one  Bar and  you activate  it and  begin to clear away the  energy  locked  up in that  area or aspect  of your life. I.e there are points for Money, Body, Creativity, Aging, etc.

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