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Womb Wisdom!

When both men and women are in tune with the Earth's womb, we may have a chance for world peace.

When both men and women are willing to listen to Mother Earth's voice, we may have a chance for global heart awakening.

We come from our mother's womb and we return this body to the womb of the earth.

I thought it was interesting that my mother got diagnosed with cervical cancer at the same time that my body wanted to be pregnant. 

I went to Brazil to visit her while she was undergoing chemotherapy. When I got back to the states, I could not stop reflecting on my mother's life choices.

I was forced to spent lots of time alone because I had just moved to California and I didn't know many people. I prayed and I sat quiet with my womb; it wanting to be filled with life and me not choosing to be a mother while my mother was healing the womb I came from.

Soon after the hormonal urge to be pregnant passed I dove a little deeper in my womb. I dove a little deeper in my mother's insecurities as a woman. I reflected upon her emotional wounds, which undoubtedly effected my being, that may have caused cancer in the walls of her sacred womb . Surely she didn't acknowledge her womb as sacred. She didn't have the mentors and the classes that I did.

Have you ever pondered on how your mother's mind effect your choices? 

I am grateful for the tools that I have learned to see my limitations. I am so grateful I have a chance to choose differently than my parent's generation.  I am grateful to all my teachers and to each one of you who have touched my life in some way or another. 

For Ladies only... I am facilitating a Yoni Painting Class in Boca Raton on September 15th. A playshop for you to explore and deepen the connection to your wisdom. 

For guys... You may want to encourage your woman to attend!! You will be nurtured and blessed by their wisdom.

For Everyone... I am facilitating a Breathwork Journey on the 17th titled "Infinite Being You"! How does it get even better?

I will be available on Tuesday September 16th for private sessions. Offerings include Breathwork, Access Bars™, and Access Consciousness Body Processes. 

Access Consciousness is a new set of tools that I practice to release limitations from the mind and all that we have locked in our bodies. It's hands on energy healing while you relax and practice receiving. :-)

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