Where I call home…


Yes! I moved back to where I call home…South Florida! More specifically the charming town of Delray Beach. When I moved to S.FL I was 15 years old and fresh from the boat! Kidding! 🙂 I flew from Brazil and landed in Miami. It was here that I made my early history of an Immigrant trying to fit in. It was no struggle in adjusting to the new culture. I learned English in 6 months and loved being here from day 1. Never once had a thought of moving back. Florida was home for 21 years.

4 years ago my adventurous spirit was asking for change. For no particular reason I moved across the country to California just in the name of EXPANSION. California gave me so many gifts. Not only did my journey expanded my entire Being but it made me realize how amazing my life was here. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and the entire S.FL community for supporting me and welcoming back!

In Los Angeles I was once again the new kid on the block trying to fit in but this time I struggled a bit. So I chose to accept the beginners seat and be a student. I took a part time job, met great new friends, and committed to a relationship. While keeping up with my Breathwork I started taking Access Consciousness Classes. I was attracted to it since I love energy work and when I heard the founder say “It will increase your ability to receive” I was sold! I will do anything that will help me receive more from the Universe. I always knew the core block we all have is to receive everything that is available to us in the now.

Receiving is an “allowing” not an action. I had learned from the A Course in Miracle that giving and receiving are one in the same. Still, I needed a practical tool to build my receiving muscles. Most us are really good at giving and not so good at  receiving. If we could only drop all judgments and receive each other as we are…If we could drop all expectation and projections and receive all from the Universe…what if we could?

I have been practicing the Access tools for almost 3 years and it has increased my awareness in so many ways. I found a way to drop my righteousness, my sense of fairness, my investment in people getting me, and the rejection when people didn’t get me. I found a way to be lighter in the world. And so much more!

I will resume teaching my monthly Breathwork classes as well as the new tools from Access Consciousness.

My newsletter will continue to be about Breath, Consciousness, and how to make this reality work for us not against us.  If it does not resonate with you unsubscribe bellow. If it does please share with others. Lets continue to expand in community.

I love being a contribution to you…if you receive me!

Happy New Year!!



And so the winds brought me back East



After four years in Los Angeles my intuition said “time to go home”!

I am back in South Florida, the charming town of Delray Beach!

I am facilitating Access Bars™ class on January 18th and currently working on a Breathwork schedule. Click here for more information and email if you like to join. http://www.accessconsciousness.com/class_details.asp?cid=52622

Private Sessions special promotion until Jan 17th!
How can I be a contribution to you?  What else is possible in 2015 that we haven’t considered?



And for no reason…

Venus Transit

Oh, Goddess of this Planet!

For some reason She called me into Her.
For some reason my life unfolded beautifully.
For some reason I forgot Her.
For all the reasons struggle knocked on my door.
For many reasons I wept.
For divine reasons I heard Her calling again.
For some reason She embraces me.
For unknown reasons  I laugh again.
And for no reason the breeze revives my being,
the sun ignites my desires,
the ocean stills my mind,
and the earth melts my barriers.

6 Steps to Conflict Resolution

conflict res1

The definition of Conflict: to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; to clash. As a verb…a fight, battle, or struggle, especially a prolonged struggle; strife. As noun… controversy; quarrel: conflicts between parties. A discord of action, feeling, or effect; antagonism or opposition, as of interests or principles: a conflict of ideas.


It would be wonderful if we could live in a world free of opposing forces. Living in this play ground of 3rd dimensional reality, where duality is the norm, it’s normal to deal with disagreements. I am referring to relationships conflict, communication conflicts and personal inner struggles. What if we could see the usual misunderstandings and confrontations with others as  colliding points of view? What if we could dim our desire to being right and put more energy into solutions and possibilities? Our lives are busy, we have many demanding forces and myriad forms of stress. When we are faced with a conflict what if we could choose out of the war zone and into the resolution arena?

What if we could handle relationship conflicts with total ease? What if instead of going into the energetic vortex of defense and attack, we could actually use it to our benefit, enriching our lives and the depth of our relationships. Whether it is your love partner, family members, co- workers, or neighbors, what if after each discord we became a bit more emotionally mature and empowered?

I created six steps to conflict resolution that will change how you handle conflict and enhance the quality of your life.

After studying relationship patterns, family dynamics, communication techniques, and energy, I created these steps and have taught them with great success.

The next time that your thoughts collide with someone else’s thoughts and create upsets, arguments or destruction, try these steps before depleting your good health, finances or your peace of mind. You will be glad you did

1. Breathe deeply 10 times

Reacting right away may cause regrets. In the heat of a situation we may say things that are hurtful and not helpful. Taking some time to breathe will give the heated mind a chance to think clearly and make better choices. Breathe into the belly, deep long breathes. Count to 5 on the inhale and on the exhale. Repeat 10 rounds. If necessary do 10 more rounds increasing to 10 counts on the inhale and 10 on the exhale.

2. Don’t blame

All blame is off track. As a conscious being having a physical experience, blaming others keeps you in judgement by perpetrating the conflict and locking it into reality. It keeps you in a vicious cycle of attack/defense; most likely repeating the same patterns over and over with different people. Blame will keep you energetically hooked to the individual for years or even life times! Blame will distract you from taking responsibility for your part and from resolving it forever! Get over the blame mentality! Instead, strive to see how similar you are to the other person, and how in the past you could have done the same thing to someone else that you are judging now.

3. Ask a question to yourself

Asking a question will open up a world of possibilities.

It will allow you to take a step back from the small vision of “look what happened to me,” to the greater vision of, “how can I use this situation to expand myself and my life?”

Ask a question and wait quietly. Notice the possibilities. Stay curious!

Examples of mind expanding questions are:

How did I create this?

What aspect of my mind is creating this situation?

Who does this person represent from my past that I haven’t resolved with?

What is the lesson here?

What is the value in creating this situation?

What’s right about this that I am not getting?

4. Acknowledge the other person’s position

Acknowledging the other person’s perspective will create common ground for resolution. You don’t have to understand it.

Saying something like “I realize that you think that…” or “I see how you could have thought that, done that, or chosen that…” will help personal barriers to go down creating a space for receiving each others ideas.

It is a primal need to want to be heard and seen! We all have it!

5.Suggest a resolution

Explore some choices on how to resolve the conflict, or ask the other person “how can you and I find a solution here?”

When we let go of wanting to be right or having it our way, solutions magically show up!

6. Clear the energy

After a heated argument with someone, most of us think about it way too much. Like a person gone mad, we go over and over different scenarios in our mind. Even asking “dead end” questions like “ why didn’t I say this or do that..” These questions will get us no where.

I suggest asking a different kind of question for clearing.

Ask yourself “Everything that came up with ____in this situation will I please delete and destroy it across all time, space, and realities?

Asking higher frequencies or your Spiritual Source for assistance, helps clear the energy facilitating the release of the past. Invoke Angels, guides, and even ask the Violent Flame to transmute the heavier energies.

Using the Elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire is also a great way for clearing energies. For water, take a cold shower, swim in the ocean or a cold spring. For fire, sit by a fire meditating on the flames or attend a fire ceremony. For the air element use any breathing technique or breathe with me. My breathwork CD is very helpful. For Earth, go for a hike in the mountains. These are just a few examples of energy clearing. The point is let it go!

Imagine a world without conflict! Is it possible? In the meanwhile using conscious tools when conflict shows up will keep us healthy, happy and free!

onflict res 3

Sula dePaula

The Dripping Yoni

the dripping yoni


Last week I removed from my car this painting. I created it during an Intuitive painting workshop over four years ago. Since then a lot has happened! I moved across the country, I got a new job, I built a romantic relationship, I turned 40, my mother transitioned to the spirit world, I developed a new relationship with my body, etc. I could go on and on describing all the changes that occurred inside and out.

It is the picture of a yoni. “Yoni” is a sanskrit given to the female genitals in the Tantra world. I named the picture “dripping Yoni”.

What intrigues me is how did I not bring her out before? It was face down laid flat in my trunk for all this time.

What was so potent about this painting that I had to keep it the trunk for four years?

What was she dripping with that inspired this creation and then I couldn’t find a “place” for her in my life? What was She expressing then that I gave it one visual outlet and then shut her up?

What am I ready for now that I wasn’t four years ago?

Hmm, I wonder what my life would be like if I gave Her several ways of expression in the world?

Ahhh, I wonder….

Sula dePaula


Infinite Being You! A gift for you…


What if we could take five minutes a day to connect to the Earth and the Sky and remind our selves of the infinite possibilities available for us?

What if we could expand our minds within those five minutes and be able to see those possibilities and actually choose the one thing that would give us the most freedom and joy?

It only takes five minutes to connect, to expand, to perceive, and to receive!!

How does it get even better than that?

I recorded an amazing guided meditation.

Go to http://www.suladepaula.com and download it now to your phone or iPod. Preferably use headphones for best experience.

Listen on youtube here…


Here is an example of what people are saying…

Thank you Sula once again for producing another great tool for healing. I am thankful that we are always there to assist each other on our healing paths! This meditation has helped me to focus my loving energy outward around the globe!
Dr. Lynn Migdal
Family Chiropractor, ChiroChi Master
Rebirther, Reiki Master

Thank you! I love you!



The Radiance Sutras


Radiant One,
The life essence carries on its play
Through the pulsing rhythm
Of outward and inward movement.
This is the ceaseless throb, the rhythm of life-
Terrifying in its eternity, exquisite in its constancy.
The inhalation, the return movement of breath, sustains life.
The outgoing breath, purifies life.
These are the two poles
Between which respiration goes on unceasingly.
Between them is every delight you could desire.
Enter these turning points,
Where the rhythms of life transform into each other.
Breath flows in, filling, filling,
Then surrenders to flow out again.
In this moment, drink eternity.
Breath flows out, emptying, emptying,
Offering itself to infinity.
Cherishing these moments,
Mind dissolves into heart,
Heart dissolves into space,
Body becomes a shimmering field
Pulsating between fullness and emptiness…
(by Lorin Roche)

Learn 3 Questions that will help heal your body/mind and create what you have been asking for!!!!


I had a vision to move to LA and do many things but my body was asking for something different. I felt alone, unmotivated and in physical pain. 

Our bodies have their own wisdom, and when we don’t listen, the message gets louder and the symptoms become more intense. Have you ever noticed?

Healers, have you ever felt your body in overwhelm? We are all healers at some level. The body is constantly sending us messages, not just when we sit to meditate or breathe. The sensations are messages! Most often “pain” happens from not acknowledging the communication and making it solid by our judgments and conclusion. We are psychic beings! We share one mind here in this reality. There are no private thoughts as The Course in Miracles teaches. Have you ever considered that your thoughts are not your thoughts? Or that your pain is not your pain? Please, this is not about victim consciousness. It’s about staying clear and not perpetrating dis-ease. Feel pain? Ask the question “Who does this belong to?”  Don’t look for an answer. We get an energy as the answer. Does it feel light or heavy? If it’s light it does not belong to you. If you sense something in the body just ask curiously “who does this belong to?’ Thank your body for the awareness and watch it disappear. It can be a thought of wanting ice cream or wine. It can be a sharp pain in your knee or a head ache. We can help others without hurting our bodies. What if we could be a greater contribution to our clients, friends and to the world by acknowledging all the messages from our bodies? How many of us have tried to heal our parents? How many have succeeded? Not many. We mostly keep replicating, resisting or reacting to other peoples’ ways.  What if we could truly facilitate the space for others to heal by being more aware?  How about being kind to our bodies and asking “who does this belong to?” every time we feel or sense heaviness or confusion. Our clarity is a kindness to others! 

Ladies and gentleman, how many of us are still looking for the “one?”  Are you asking the right questions?  I’d been working on relationships since I was twelve years old when my mother confided in me that my dad had a 5 year old daughter with his mistress. I decided then that I had to make it on my own. I left my country, Brazil, at 15 years old. I was determined never to repeat my parents dynamic. After many forgiveness processes and one divorce I started breath work and got real deep in my relationship patterns. I taught seminars called LRT, The Loving Relationship Training. Slowing my way of relating to man got easier and I enjoyed conscious loving partnerships. Still when I moved to LA at 38 I was single and searching for the “one”. It wasn’t until I practiced Access Consciousness that I received the man that I was asking for. I was sharing a two bedroom apartment with a male friend in Santa Monica. I remember walking to work everyday and asking continuously “What would it take for me to have my own man and my own house?” and “what else is possible here?” It took eight weeks and magic happened!Access Bars™ may be the missing link in creating what you’ve been asking for!!

For three years I was focused on attracting my mate. I went about using the tools that I had in my tool box and no boyfriend appeared. I breathed, I prayed, I meditated, I chanted mantras, I cried and I waited. I did know one thing; my problem was not lack of clarity. I was short on my receiving abilities. I asked and I asked again but I did not receive. When I heard Access Consciousness increases your abilities to receive I signed up for the first class available in LA, it happened to be at the Gateway!

I learned Access Bars™, got my bars run often and asked Access questions daily. Magically within three months I had met my man and was living in a building in Santa Monica overlooking the ocean. Stunning ocean view! 

In any situation we can ask these questions and a world of possibilities will open creating choices that you’ve never noticed. The purpose of questions is to facilitate the awareness of choices on how to generate what you want. Concluding with an answer is a limitation.

Examples; when you are at your job ask “what else is possible here?’ and a new project or a promotion may become an option. For a new car…”what would it take for me to have a new car with total ease?” Or“what would it take for more money to show up in my life?” Everyone loves that question!

Play with it! What else is possible in your life that you’ve never considered? How much fun are you willing to have? 

For anything related to body and mind ask “who does this belong to?”

For creating something new ask “what would it take for ___to show up?”

For expansion and possibilities ask “what else is possible here?”

You might find yourself magically surprised! 

Re-connecting to pure energy!

One of the many high lights of my life as a breath coach was a hot water breathwork session I facilitated back in South Florida. It was a male client. He had just finished a couple of cycles of circular breathing under water with his snorkel. I set him up lying on a big towel so he could rest and integrate his journey. He started to make funny faces and twisting his body to the right and to the left. Then he covered his face with both hands and started to make sounds. I started asking him questions but he could not talk. I knew he was okay and I allowed him do what he needed to do. When he relaxed, he began to do deep belly breathing and to smile. Finally he was able to talk. He shared that he had so much orgasmic energy in his body that he was embarrassed to look at me, that was the reason for covering his face. The bliss was unstoppable and he just rode the best ecstatic ride of his life. How does it get even better than that?


~Releases resistance to true intimacy
~Releases anger and frustration
~Heals physical abuse trauma
~Heals trust issues
~Heighten intuition
~Increases awareness of Divine energy within
~Increases sense of connection to the God of your heart
~Body image issues
~Helps reconnect with natural orgasmic waves of energy.
~At the very least…Releases physical, emotional and mental stress.
Tools used: a nose plug, snorkel and the guidance of a qualified facilitator.



For more information write to info@suladepaula.com.

Choosing to Create

Choosing to Create

Realize who you truly are, and the power you have to create heaven on earth!
Sometime we doubt ourselves
Sometimes we fall into hopelessness
Sometimes our inner knowing is so clear it moves us forward
Sometimes the miracles in our lives is purely magical
Whether today is an amazing day or a not so good day remember you are powerful
Keep asking “What else is possible here?” And “What can I create today that I never thought possible?”
And the most popular is “How does it get even better than this?”

I ask those questions daily and my life keeps getting better and better!!

Try it!

Your choices today creates tomorrow!