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My Approach

Deep Healing happens in the nervous system.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Have you tried many things and still you don’t  feel quite home yet?


Breathworks facilitates the space for the unraveling of the current mental construct that is showing up as limitation, conflicts, or pain. Once identified clients can then release the emotional charge  and integrate a new way of being, creating a different experience in the world. 

In order for deep healing to occur one must choose one Breathwork Coach and commit to 5-10 sessions. Safety and trust needs to be established for the sub-conscious to be accessed. 

I am a seasoned Breathwork teacher with extensive training and knowledge on Birth Trauma and Pre-Natal Trauma and how it effects your relationships.

You may choose to have a Breathwork Session in person or Video Call. 

In my Phenomenance Sessions I will use different tools to clear emotional charge and uncover imprints. I may use tools  such as circular breathing, forgiveness work, verbal clearings, hands on energy work, writing exercises and much more.


"The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself” - Deepak Chopra


Love yourself enough to create an environment that is nourishing for  your being.


Commit to your life by making choices that supports the expansion and realization of your gifts, talents and capacities.

Book your Phenomenance Session here or contact me with further questions.  Video Sessions available! 

Thank you!

10 Giant Steps to Owning Your Life!


10 intuitive private session using the modalities of Conscious Breathing (Breath-work), Energy-work, verbal clearings and writing assignments.


Session 1-  Committing to your life!

Releasing the resistance to Peace and Ease.


Session 2-  Past Imprints and Imposed programmings.

Understanding your mind and default settings of feelings and emotions


Session 3 - Beyond Forgiveness.

Letting go of the past completely.


Session 4-  Relationships!  Dynamics, imprints and personal needs.

What is working or not working for you? 


Session 5-  You and your body.

Body image, symptoms, clearing family loyalty to illnesses. - Reset to joy - 5 Elements of Intimacy.


Session 6-  Isolation Pattern.

Perceived separation. The Limbic System and the Primitive Brain.


Session 7-  Boundaries.

Other peoples’ energies. Saying “no” with kindness. 


Session 8 - Money.

Whats the energy of money for you? - Clearing lack consciousness and more.


Session 9 -  Sex, Sexuality, Sexualness, Sensuality, and Copulation.

Creative Source Energy. What core are beliefs blocking your Creativity?


Session 10- What else is possible for you and your future?

What would you like to have, be, and do? - One choice Universe versus Infinite



Are you ready?  Book Your Phenomenance Session Below!

Conscious connected breathing, also know as circular breathing. It is a powerful and safe breathing technique that infuses the body with life force/prana/chi thereby heal...
1 hr 15 min
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