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Re-connecting to pure energy!

One of the many high lights of my life as a breath coach was a hot water breathwork session I facilitated years ago!  It was a male client. He had just finished a couple of cycles of circular breathing under […]


Mystical Inner Journey

“My father does not exist. I don’t want to breathe like this anymore.” It all started with a prayer. Actually, it was more like pleading for help. I didn’t t know to whom I was praying to or what I […]


First Sunday of the Month -Group Breathe


Machu Picchu Magic coming up next…

Last month while I was preparing for the Earth class I felt such a beautiful communion within Earth that I longed for more! I have been feeling this pull towards Peru for over a year. Even though I was not planning a trip now I […]


Restoration of Communion with Earth

Access Consciousness™ Body Process Play-shop What if the Earth is asking you for your contribution? We could think that recycling or praying is a contribution. What if the there is a different way? What if the pains you have in […]


How I killed the rebellious teenager voice in my head..

Do you still have a rebellious teenager within? I used to have a voice in my head that repeated “I don’t care” all the time, specially when I didn’t get what I wanted. I remember having an upset with a […]