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Tools that works so fast you might be wishing your "upset" back!

I realized how quickly and magically the Access tools work when I visited my family in Brazil two years ago.

As you may or may not know family dynamics or patterns  gets very activated around family gatherings. In the past my brother's remarks on particular topics would land on me very heavily. It would immediately create a physical reaction and a big frowning face lasting for a while, and in some cases my upsets with him would last years.

Being that I've spent most of my adult life learning about relationship patterns and what to do with my emotions and feelings I had collected many tools. In Breath-work (Conscious Breathing) I learned to breathe through my feelings, express myself, and eventually let it go. This time around I had a new tool to play with and it surprised me!

During the first family dinner in my last trip home my brother started bringing back the old remarks and as usual my body started shrinking. I said nothing. I knew that expressing my thoughts would only spoil the family dinner. Few hours later, still charged and contracted,  I remembered Access Consciousness questions - new tools!! 

I asked "What stupidity am I using to create the upset I am choosing?" (stupidity meaning unconsciousness) I ran the Clearing Statement and just like magic I felt lighter immediately and the charge was gone! Still stunned, I heard my insane mind arguing…"wait a minute, if I let it go I can't make him wrong anymore. I am right and his wrong!" Bang! I nailed it! I was unlocking an old pattern of wanting to be right. My mind wanted to keep the upset so I could continue to make him wrong and me right. As if holding on to the upset was a punishment for him! I wanted to hold on to the upset a bit longer. The tool worked too fast. How insane is that?

I am sure you can't relate to it. I am the only one who has this pattern! :-[)

I know these questions don't make much sense but I am finding freedom by asking questions and breathing with life.

I wonder...

How many of us are unconsciously holding on to upsets just to prove the righteousness of our point of you?

How many of us would rather be right than happy? (honestly)

How many of us would like to choose something different?

How about trying a new tool? 

Choosing ease, joy, and glory!


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