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The Breath and the Release From Fear

Do you ever feel fear? Do you ever admit that you are having fear?

Collective fears, self-imposed fears, learned fears, unconscious fears could be affecting everything we do. Not understanding fear could be keeping your joy at bay.

I am not suggesting to add energy to fear by bringing it up to the conscious mind. I am suggesting shining some light on fear thoughts in your subconscious that is currently affecting your daily experience in life. I am encouraging to be friendly with fear and let it dissipate with the exhale. Fear can present itself in our lives in many ways. For example; as physical imbalances, depression, addictions, isolation, to name a few. We all carry unconscious fears to some degree. The good news is the means for removing fear is in yourself.

Perhaps one of the reasons we have chosen to be here on the planet right now is to really know and feel that only Love is Real. Boy! When we are in fear it sure feels real and tangible. Doesn’t it? I found that sometimes just acknowledging the presence of fear in your mind/body diminishes its influence. I have used the teachings of ACIM (A Course in Miracles) with conscious breathing for my personal practice and for my clients for six years now. I have learned ways to release fears, the awareness of my resistance to Love, and to feel deep innocence. It does not mean that I don’t feel fear however.

With every breath, with every word, with every cell of my body I learned to notice when fear is up and raise my vibration enough so I can trust love instead.

In Breathwork I learned that suppressed fear is the main cause of all self sabotage behavior. In A Course in Miracles I learned I created fear and if I interpret it correctly I can see the unreality of it. Miracles always happens when I shift my focus. As a Breathwork teacher/coach I explain to clients. I say for example; In the process of releasing fear what do you think comes up? That’s right! FEAR

So what is the first thing needed to release fear? What is the opposite of fear? Safety! AND trusting that you are always safe and supported! It could take a while to establish safety in the mind and integrated in the body. That is why I recorded the CD A Breath of Consciousness as a tool. It is the combination of breath and quotes from ACIM.

It is such a powerful combination because the words engages the mind and the breath supports in integrating the higher thoughts in the body so you can actually re store your belief in ease, peace, innocence.

Now, if you don’t believe that life is supporting you right now how would you ever feel safe? Ask yourself... On scale from 0 to 10 where are you now in believing in support in general? Another exercise you can do is to write on a piece of paper “Support is…” and fill in the blank. Do it for about 10 times. Notice the negatives and you will know your percentage. To strengthen your belief in “support” it is essential to work in person with a breath coach and groups because you will need the interaction. And why do it alone? That is a very popular belief by the way, the thought “I have to do it alone”. All these years of working with clients and my research was that the number one fear is “being alone”. Deep in the mind also runs a belief in “doing it alone”. It ends up being an internal war and the result is often feeling not supported and alone.

In the A Course in Miracles says “Fear is a symptom to your own deep sense of loss." 

In breathwork sessions we embark on a journey of releasing the charge around thoughts, of feeling our humanness and divinity, of claiming our inner power by adding energy to what we want to strengthen and experience. It is always a rewarding journey!

You might not be so attracted to the ACIM but I am sure you will enjoy more safety in your mind. Benefits of increasing your belief in support and safety are relaxed muscles, less tension and stress, better digestion, less rushing around, optimism, less mood swings, more trust in others, miracles AND more smiles :-)

Why not try it!

$150 for one session including a free download of my Breathwork CD A Breath of Consciousness. Regular price $195 for session plus $10 for the CD download. Thai Bodywork. Hour and half session. Breathwork. 2 hours session

Paramahansa Yogananda said "Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyzes all efforts to succeed and attracts the very thing you fear".

In love, Sula

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