4 Week Breathwork Course

the basics of the breath-2

12 hour Course for your life expansion and personal healing.
Week 1 – Thought Patterns and imprints.
Week 2- The 5 Elements of Circular Breathing.
Week 3- Creative Thought.
Week 4- The Resistance to Ease and Joy.

Receive benefits such as:

Detoxification of mind, physical body and your emotional body.
Learn tools to clear anxiety, fear, and all worries of the mind.
Align with your divine abundant flow.
Improve health and sleep.
Personal energetic shifts for new beginnings.

No pre- requisites – Small intimate group – Investment $249 –
Wednesdays 7-10pm February 1, 8, 15 and 22.
Learn the basics of Circular Breathing and how it can transform and support all aspects of you life and living!

“The 4 week class with Sula helped me so much to see the patterns I was limiting myself and my life with. The small group gave me the opportunity to process both on my own, with her support as well as the support of the group. I continue to use the tools I learned from her to move forward on the path I choose for myself.” KS

A seasoned Breathworker teacher, Sula is an experienced facilitator for personal development and empowerment. She is the creator of the popular breathing meditation CD called A Breath of Consciousness. Sula combines twenty years of numerous body/mind/spirit integration techniques providing a clear space for deep healing and positive change.

Contact suladepaula@att,net

Re-connecting to pure energy!

One of the many high lights of my life as a breath coach was a hot water breathwork session I facilitated years ago! 

It was a male client. He had just finished a couple of cycles of circular breathing under water with his snorkel. I set him up lying on a big towel so he could rest and integrate his journey. He started to make funny faces and twisting his body to the right and to the left. Then he covered his face with both hands and started to make sounds. I started asking him questions but he could not talk. I knew he was okay and I allowed him do what he needed to do. When he relaxed, he began to do deep belly breathing and to smile. Finally he was able to talk. He shared that he had so much orgasmic energy in his body that he was embarrassed to look at me, that was the reason for covering his face. The bliss was unstoppable and he just rode the best ecstatic ride of his life. How does it get even better than that?


~Releases resistance to true intimacy
~Releases anger and frustration
~Heals physical abuse trauma
~Heals trust issues
~Heighten intuition
~Increases awareness of Divine energy within
~Increases sense of connection to the God of your heart
~Body image issues
~Helps reconnect with natural orgasmic waves of energy.
~At the very least…Releases physical, emotional and mental stress.
Tools used: a nose plug, snorkel and the guidance of a qualified facilitator.



For more information write to info@suladepaula.com.


Mystical Inner Journey


“My father does not exist. I don’t want to breathe like this anymore.”

It all started with a prayer. Actually, it was more like pleading for help. I didn’t t know to whom I was praying to or what I was praying for. All I remember was kneeling on the yoga mat in my yoga room sobbing countless times. I felt alone, confused and desperate. I was twenty nine years old and recently divorced. I wasn’t happy in my marriage and I wasn’t happy alone. I wasn’t happy (period). I was so in love with my husband, what had happened? I had a great job and a good life, what was wrong with me? I had read on Yogananda’s book  Autobiography of a Yogi that if you prayed with total devotion to Babaji, one of the masters, that he would actually come. I remember that night well, I lighted a candle and prayed to the invisible. I called Babaji’s name three times out loud and I asked for help. Someone must’ve heard me!

The first help came in the form of a tantric teacher who taught me to cultivate a relationship with the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother as the feminine aspect of God, as the cosmic mother of all things, as the primal force of creation in all forms. I learned about Goddesses of all religions and I developed a devotional attitude that sparked love within me as I never felt before. Wether It does work to invoke the divine Goddess energy or I was just focusing on something other than my melodrama I started getting happier!

Second help came in the form of a friend of a friend. A musician friend of mine had suggested I meet this guy who had just moved to Florida from New Jersey. With this new friend I learned where my unhappiness was coming from and how much healing my heart required. He facilitated my first breath-work session, breathing in a circular manner connecting the inhale and the exhale while coached by a breath-worker. In the first twenty minutes I was sweating profusely and all of the sudden I felt a wall in-front of me. My breath coach asked me one question about my father and responded with an assertive tone of voice “My father does not exist. I don’t want to breathe like this anymore.” I declared the session was over and I went home.

Once home back to the safety of my aloneness I wrote on my journal. Obviously my father existed and enjoying very good health. In that moment I realized I had some inner exploration to do! I knew breath-work was going to heal me. Few months later as suggested by my new friend I registered for a 9 month Rebirthing Breathwork Program. This program was one weekend per month for nine months at the Philadelphia Rebirthing Breathwork Center. Every month I flew from West Palm Beach to Philly to unravel the imprints in my subconscious mind, the thoughts, feeling and emotions stored in my body. Most importantly I was getting to know myself.

I was making peace with my past by working with  conscious breathing, forgiveness, integration of un-acknowledged feelings and community. Breathwork and the support of my senior teachers help me relax in my body and to trust myself enough to allow the emotional charge to come forward and be released. I found safety within my mind to feel, to speak my truth, to let go and to share the work with others. I realized how not having bonded with my mother created unsettled feelings in the core of my being. These feelings never allowed me to experienced I belonged anywhere. I saw how my first broken heart was actually caused from not having my father’s presence. I became aware on what drove me to leave my country and family  at the early age of fifteen years old. I processed my upset feelings with my parents, I became aware of my judgements, expectations and projections.  Every time I would visit my parents I would notice how my relating to them would change. I had more patience, more space for them to be themselves. I was just more present for me and for them which in turn brought more joy and connection. In addition to healing with my parents my relationship to men also changed. I became more available, more loving and understanding to the man in my life. In general all my relationships improved as a result creating more intimacy within myself. This healing didn’t happen in one session or in one training. Deep healing happens over time and in layers. My commitment to my healing and to breath-work was the catalyst to change. I stayed alert to my thoughts and now I knew my tendencies and patterns; I wasn’t in victim consciousness anymore.

I understood the truth of the statement “your thoughts creates your reality”. Every time my mind wanted to blame I would remind myself of my choices. Little by little I saw the drama that I had created and with time and awareness started to see the beauty of it all.

Today I continue to work with conscious breathing and I am always amazed by the power of it’s simplicity. Is my heart healed? Absolutely! Do I continue to heal different aspects of my mind? Absolutely!

One thing is for sure I have more happiness and love in my heart and I have a tool that I can always count on…conscious connected breathing!

I am forever grateful to the Universe, the Cosmic Mother, all angels , gurus, and Spirit guide who heard my calling and continue to guide me and support me!

Sula dePaula

Machu Picchu Magic coming up next…


Last month while I was preparing for the Earth class I felt such a beautiful communion within Earth that I longed for more!
I have been feeling this pull towards Peru for over a year. Even though I was not planning a trip now I jumped on this opportunity to explore Peru with a group of amazing people. We are going to Cusco first then we will visit Sacred Valley, Temple of the Moon, Mori Salt Flats, Mandor Falls, and Machu Picchu Village. Lots of adventures for just 11 days!
I am very much looking forward to Communing with the Earth on these Sacred sites.

I like to invite you for updates from the trip and even videos. Yes, I would love to make short videos on Instagram and test my vulnerability :-). Instagram link
I am sure it will be a great adventure! It is a Spiritual Quest with deep prayers for personal expansion and healing. It starts in 3 days!

Are you a loner? I certainly do love my alone time and it took a while for me not to make it “wrong”. However, I would like to have more balance in this area.
When I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 I started being aware of my separation/isolation patterns. I researched a lot on the brain’s limbic system and the primal part of the brain called the Reptilian Brain. If the Reptilian part of the Brain is over active it perceives things as a threat when in fact it is not. Then the only solution for the perceived threat (which comes with all kinds of body sensations) is defense followed by isolation. I have been paying very close attention to when I choose to be alone from choice or as a survival automatic response. It’s quite fascinating. All my adult life I have been attracted to tools to clear what keeps me projecting separation. A Course in miracles, Breath-work, yoga, meditation, Access Consciousness, etc…all facilitates connection with something greater than the small self. I feel like this trip is another piece of the puzzle that will bring a greater sense of Oneness and Trust within me.
If you like to follow my journey go to Instagram link I will post along the way.

Have you had a great adventure this year that you would like to share? I would love to hear about it.

-All my love, Sula

Restoration of Communion with Earth


Access Consciousness™ Body Process Play-shop

What if the Earth is asking you for your contribution? We could think that recycling or praying is a contribution. What if the there is a different way? What if the pains you have in your body has to do with the Earth?
Learn a hands-on energy work at Morikami Museum on September 20th 9am-1pm.
This process unifies the aspects of ourselves that are fragmented and searching for a “home”.
Are you always looking to “ground “yourself?
Do you feel disconnected and a sense of separation?
Restoration of Communion with Earth is a body process that will facilitate you in having clear communication with the Earth creating ease, peace, trust, a sense of belonging and peace of embodiment.
As we know the Earth is alive and our bodies have the same elements as it does, would it be fun to be and receive the contribution available?

Bring pillow, blankets, water and all you need to be comfortable outdoors and under a tree. 🙂

Reserve your space here…

Sula dePaula is an Access Bars® facilitator and Access Body Process Facilitator. Sula has been a massage therapist for 21 years and a Breath work teacher for 10 years. Her knowledge, experience, and personal evolution creates a safe place to BE and expand into a bit more space for peace.

How I killed the rebellious teenager voice in my head..

angry teenage girl sitting in a cardboard boxDo you still have a rebellious teenager within?
I used to have a voice in my head that repeated “I don’t care” all the time, specially when I didn’t get what I wanted. I remember having an upset with a co-worker and all day at work I would hear in my head “I don’t care! I don’t care!”.  It makes me laugh to think about it now!
It wasn’t until I read Dr Dain Heer’s book Being You, Changing the World that I was able to release the trapped teenager and let my caring to be greater than pretending not to care. Truth was I cared more than I could admit it and couldn’t let my walls down in fear of getting hurt. On chapter 5 What if Caring Were the Core of You? Dain Heer asks expanding questions like ” What if you care far more than you’ve ever wanted to know? What if you care far more than you’ve ever wanted to acknowledge to anyone, including you? And how much have you decided that it’s that caring that has gotten you into trouble? That your intense caring i what makes you weak? And, is responsible for your hurting and your pain?”

I learned how, even though it was subtle, I was still functioning from defense and separation. When I was cutting off caring for others I was cutting off caring for me too. I didn’t realize how much that was destroying my joy of living. What if I could allow ALL my caring for myself, for others, and for the world to BE regardless of other people’s choices? It was a subtle change that created big waves of joy and connection! 

Further in the chapter Dain writes about demanding of self, kind of a proclamation to self. He suggests making a demand that all our caring shows up now making living here now total joy.

If everyone had one hundred percent caring for themselves and others would violence exists?

Thanks Dr Dain Heer for writing in a such a simple clear way! I am grateful to you!

I am hosting this video replay class to share this book with you, perhaps it will bring more joy to your life?! If you like to receive it come and play! This Saturday 7pm, 2 hour video class + book!

Tickets available here

Why I went from using affirmations to using questions


I worked intensely with affirmations for several years. Whether I was working with clients, in my Breath-Work classes or in my personal life affirmation was a constant tool for clearing the past and any negative mental mass. I saw and felt the positive effects of affirmations and then came a time when I perceived a limitation. I was looking for more expansion and less mind control. The mind wants to control and I wanted to give the mind less material to defend against or to prove any righteousness.

I started using questions instead of affirmation after I was introduced to the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness.
I learned questions like “What would it take for… to show up in my life? “What is really possible here” or “Who does this belong to?

For example; Instead of using “I am abundance” try using “What would it take for more money to show up in my life? When a person embodies the energy they don’t need to keep repeating it. Instead of using the affirmation “I am ____” try being the energy of what you are asking for and ask for that to show up with total ease. If you don’t know how to be the energy that you would like to have ask the Universe to show you.

Here is another example; When I wake up in the morning instead of affirming that I will have a great day, I ask a question “what fun adventures will I have today?”

By asking the question, not looking for the answer, and being in wonder gives me the awareness of what can actually be possible to choose for my day to be awesome!Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, teaches that “living as the question” and not looking for an answer opens up a whole Universe of infinite possibilities. It keeps you from jumping into conclusions and judgments which is a limitation to creating what you would like to have.

In this article from the Access Consciousness blog you can read how science is discovering that a question will always create more in your life. How does it get even better than that? 🙂

Beyond Forgiveness


Are you feeling you could use to give or receive some forgiveness in your life right now? Have you ever felt the need to forgive someone and you didn’t know how?

Have you ever wanted someone to forgive you for something and you felt powerless?
What is this ‘thing’ that keeps us in the loop of guilt, blame, regret, and anger?
Forgiveness is a big part of the Breathwork/Rebirthing process and the last couple of years I have been meditating a lot on this topic.
I’ve found that Access Bars has created more space in my world where I can start to have more space for other people’s world and not be so invested in “right” or “wrong”.
I am not  talking about letting other people be abusive. One needs to be aware and strong enough to say “no’ and “goodbye” to abuse. I am talking about things that has happened in the past and little things that happens frequently that ends up taking a lot of our energy and distracting us from actually creating what works for us.
Everything has accelerated. The speed of time in our daily lives has become nearly impossible to catch up with.
How about if we could forgive at the speed of light!
If we had no emotional charge in our bodies would we be drawn to guilt?
If we had no magnetic pull towards what is destructive would we hurt other or feel hurt?
If we knew all the times, beyond this life time, where we were unkind, would we make others wrong?
If we were aware of the grander picture and lived from Oneness would we need forgiveness?
I am dreaming of a world beyond right or wrong, beyond good or bad, beyond duality.
I am dreaming of a world where Forgiveness is Obsolete.
Is it possible to have that in this reality?
I wonder…
Join us for a group Breathwork session as we explore, question, and stretch our minds about the concept of Forgiveness creating more space for peace. March 11th at 7;30pm.
I do Skype sessions on Skype as well!!
How does it get even better?
How can I be a contribution to you and the world?